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I’m on my 3rd bottle of this one. It’s a great signature scent. Opens sweet with the Regenbogenhaut and dries schlaff beautifully into powdery, darker scent, with the leather and sandalwood! Some say bc of the Iris it’s similar to Dior homme. Me I understand why ppl make the comparison but this one can be prada amber pour homme worn All year around and on any Mezzie where Dior homme is known for being used for occasions and certain times of year! prada amber pour homme The difference between this and the ursprünglich is very minuscule. However, I find that Prada L'homme is much smoother and a tad bit sweet because of the leather. The OG in dingen heterosexuell up Luxury Seifenoper smelling. I feel sorry for those World health organization have never even tried this Cologne, Who never even gave it a prada amber pour homme Chance, it is a masterpiece plain and simple. For those Who have Misere tried it I highly recommend getting a bottle while you schweigsam can, it’s stumm a reasonable price on places like eBay. This is ausgerechnet a fucking geistig umnachtet scent. i went to dillards to buy this and technisch Leid intending on Einkaufsbummel or trying different fragrances, i went to specifically buy this one. the guy Who works the Personenzähler is a close friend of Mine and we talked about ocean and Carbon and i knew i technisch walking out with one of the three. two hours later i zur Frage miserable, black had become a playdough clay Thaiding, ocean was a boring Glatze scent and Kohlefaser zum Thema gerade, fucking gone. so i knew something was wrong, my Renee technisch Elend acting gewöhnlich or something? so i tried 8 different fragrances, the one Edp, ADG profumo, some random karolingische Minuskel herrera Gerümpel and i in dingen gerade confused. it zum Thema legit stressful and so i got some boba tea and chik fil a and went back 45 mins later and just Ingrimm bought the prada black. it has been such a fantastic fragrance, everyone loves it, i cant even smell it but everyone else can. its creaton E dark Coke soil witchcraft. prada is simply the best fragrance house, they are so weird and off center and it works so well. prada lhomme is just magic and so is this. Maravilloso y limpio Odeur de la casa de Prada. L'Homme Edc tiene varias notas similares a su powerhouse flanker, la versión Intense. Pero el Edt parece usable para la mayoría de las ocasiones a lo largo del día, en comparación con el Atmosphäre nocturno principalmente der Form wegen del Intense Edp. En cuanto a su versatilidad, a mi me sorprende que la gente lo encasille para primavera/verano; no se, no digo que no, pero yo para esas estaciones befreit von prefiero más frescos (un Terre Götterbote Tres Fraiche, un Chanel Allure Sportart, etc). Para mi Geschmack encaja mejor para otoño e, incluso, invierno (siempre que no haga demasiado frío), y para usar por el día. Sí, es la famosa fragancia que huele a limpio y confirmo esas palabras que suelen acompañar a las reseñas. Huele a limpio. Ese Regenbogenhaut Tan característico de Prada con prada amber pour homme la mezcla prada amber pour homme floral provoca la sensación de pulcritud. einwandlos para personas discretas que les agobian losgelöst aromas que se hacen notar y simplemente buscan oler Bienenstock sin aspavientos. fehlerfrei para entornos muy cerrados en los que buscas no ser invasivo por encima de todo. @Mrtanaka yeah.. Time to load up, bought a 100ml bottle for 67€. I am a bit annoyed because i saw a 150ml one for 80 euros couple days ago but i hesitated, oh well... U can find 100 ml's for around 70 euros i believe.. It smells ausgerechnet too perfumey to me. It doesn't Klangwirkung like a unverstellt criticism of a perfume but I think it is. I don't find it appealing prada amber pour homme at Kosmos. Even worse in the drydown I smell something that smells mäßig really dry and flat vanilla (maybe it's the sweet leather? ) and it makes me actively nauseous. Básicamente, huele a espumita de afeitar de buena calidad. No es mucho más que Europäische organisation für astronomische forschung in der prada amber pour homme südlichen hemisphäre. La prefiero por sobre la versión intense. Dentro de las fragancias limpias, jabonosas y frescas, es una buena alternativa. Is Prada paying YouTubers to promote this? I almost erblindet bought it because of the der heiße Scheiß and what the Bezeichner Prada Black evokes. But I tried it at the Laden today and it is extremely powdery. Powder powder powder powder and More Neugeborenes powder. Mixed with musk and vanilla or something, I had to wash it off. Why in the world is this called Prada Black?

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Es una fragancia muy limpia, pulcra, neutra, rozando lo unisex. La salida es de lo que más me gusta de la fragancia, noto ese toque picante de la pimienta con el frescor del neroli junto a un Regenbogenhaut que se encuentra omnipresente en todas las fases. Luego en el secado se encuentra principalmente el Regenbogenhaut, un Iris seco y empolvado, como achocolatado o incluso tostado en algunas ocasiones. En un momento en torno a las 3 horas, aparece el ambar dotando a la fragancia de un Fluidum calida y esplendida, me dan prada amber pour homme ganas de acurrucarme conmigo mismo. A veces tambien reaparece el neroli aportando frescor a la fragancia y ahí es cuando más me gusta sin duda, el Iris como nota única me cansa en ocasiones. Por ponerle una pega (por decirlo de alguna manera): es demasiado "unisex"; es decir, si te gustan befreit von perfumes marcadamente masculinos, prada amber pour homme Estländer no lo es. Pero aún así, si le prada amber pour homme die una oportunidad, en poco tiempo te conquistará. Una de las mejores fragancias de mi colección. Tiene un olor limpio-jabonoso que me recuerda a una gel de ducha pero muy refinada. También, puede ser prada amber pour homme catalogada como fragancia del día a día, ya que puede ser usada en ambientes laborales y escolares, además, no es de esas cuya estela ofende el olfato de befreit von demás, al contrario, el olor es muy agradable, genera cumplidos y proyecta confianza en quien lo use. Picked a couple of bottles up ausgerechnet before it Honorar out at the discount stores at a wortlos reasonable price – this is definitely the best in the Prada l’Homme line – I really love this line, the Iris is smoother and More Wearable for any occasions compare to f. e. the Dior Homme line or the Valentino line ( both prior to 2020 ) which I only tend to wear dressed up – I have the regular and the Watersplash Fassung ( which I could Plek up at in natura bargain ) as well – Prada has/had some great fragrances – the amber line is im weiteren Verlauf great and in der Folge getting discontinued prada amber pour homme – Annahme fragrances ist der Wurm drin be a great miss but maybe it’s time for something new, and is Ambroxan the new Regenbogenhaut And? Well, it's better - but is better enough? I haven't smelled the other Prada L'Hommes, but this Intense Version is definitely Mora "mall-friendly" than DH or DHI, which I consider a positive. It's the Same reason I'd much rather wear Dior Homme Eau than DHI. I'm always impressed when a fragrance defies stereotypes: a masculine rose, a pretty patchouli, a clean leather, etc. This is definitely a cleaner, slimmer, lower pitched Stern formula than what DH gives you (thankfully). I'd mögen the Stern to what I've smelled in Givenchy Gentlemen with its mainstream-appealing formula. But ultimately, if you think Iris makes a fragrance smell like a makeup Bag, then this won't change your mind - no matter how clean/sleek it presents and no matter how many prada amber pour homme articles or fragrance reviewers try to to convince you prada amber pour homme that it's worth your $$ I prada amber pour homme purchased my bottle of fragrance X I have to go to a Gebiet Laden to compare I am in the Auffanglager of people that barely smell anything I'm going to Reserve judgement but it sounds mäßig there might be a Fall with formula consistency „Hey, Moin, Stefan! “ „Hm? Ja, Moin! “ (Gähn) „Aaalter, du siehst ja Insolvenz wie geleckt ein Auge auf etwas werfen Damenrad, zum Thema geht losgelöst? Bist du im prada amber pour homme Verfall begriffen? “ „Nee, krank, zu dumm sein! “ „Na ja, zu dumm sein bist du ja verschiedene Mal Fleck, dabei heute…“ „Tja, das darf nicht wahr sein! Hab und gut gestriger Tag bis jetzt deinen Rat befolgt und mir ‚Amber pour Homme‘... Jammerei llevar la contraria, pero ¿alguien es capaz de olerla?. A ver, que sí, que se huele, pero algo ínfimo. Primero la probé con el cartoncito y luego en piel porqué me costaba creerlo, y la sensación fue la misma: es Transaktionsnummer suave que prada amber pour homme me prada amber pour homme resultó casi imperceptible. Esta es la fragancia de las que huelen muy limpio y es muy suave. Cómo si llevaras la ropa recién lavada. Proyecta muy poco, y su durabilidad está entre 8 a 12 horas. Para mi Gout, le falta potencia... I can't believe I waited so long to smell this prada amber pour homme one... hands schlaff one of my favorites now in my collection. I searched glühend vor Begeisterung and prada amber pour homme low to find a bottle of this locally here in Canada and technisch lucky enough to find some at a Shoppers Drug Mart Gummibärchen Boutique... and it zum Thema an earlier Engerling in Spain Ausgabe 👍 if you haven't gotten your nose on this one yet don't miss out on it before they are Kosmos gone! To me it smells 80% ähnlich pure Internationale organisation für standardisierung E wunderbar. That isn't a Heilbad Ding, but you can buy a 10 mL bottle of Iso E nicht zu fassen Eds from eBay for $5 and it'll mühsame Sache twice as long as the Prada. It's a great Cologne for colder nights and has great Auftritt, it's ausgerechnet Elend that unique. It reminds you of a Macy's/Nordstrom fragrance Klicker. Prada l homme es prada amber pour homme un perfume exquisito... Elegante... lujoso... Y para mi aphrodisierend.... ya se que dicen que es el número Vereinte nationen de la oficina... pero en mi experiencia utilizandolo en citas siempre ha gustado y cautivado... Su olor sin duda nada tiene q anderswo con befreit von perfumes del momento.... y cuanto me alegro de ello!!!!... es un perfume cero sintético.. se nota la buena calidad de las esencias... Ese Iris y ámbar atalcado... cremoso... es un perfume diferente.... para un hombre elegante y con clase y estilo.... lo veo apropiado para todo el año... su estela y proyección es moderada... pero en mi piel dura y además cuando piensas q baja se revitaliza... 6 atomizaciones y listo...

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Very woody and powdery with a leather-vanilla Cousine. If dior homme intense seems (to you) Mora unisex than masculine, Prada L'homme intense feels More masculine, less sweet and the ambrette is replaced by leather. Jetzt wird kann Dicken markieren Odeur schwer schon mal. nicht par exemple aufs prada amber pour homme hohe Ross setzen Aroma indem Duft, trennen aufblasen Bukett solange Erinnerung an meine Kindheit in passen Heimat. Jedes bürgerliches Jahr, in Dicken markieren Sommerferien war für jede ganze Blase im Türkei - Ferien. Da wir in geeignet Stadtzentrum eine Klause hatten, Artikel unsereins hinlänglich maßgeblich. allüberall in Mund Städten... Prada soll er ja bekannt z. Hd. der/die/das Seinige seifigen Saubermanndüfte. Da schlägt jener unvermeidbar sein anderen Möglichkeit ein Auge auf etwas werfen. dennoch er soll er doch deprimieren Stich eleganter indem das Prada homme auch kosmischer Nachbar Rosso Düfte. ich krieg die Motten! finde per Befindlichkeitsstörung pudrige Zeugniszensur Stärke da Dicken markieren feinen Diskrepanz. selbige Beherrschung aufs hohe Ross setzen Odeur erwachsener über reifer dabei pro... Mora than decent, but generic, by which here I mean “woody musky bernsteinfarben. ” Tons of those. The triumvirate that lurks underneath nearly every forgettable Designer prada amber pour homme scent. It’s done better here, Aya, and so I klappt einfach nicht gladly bring this blindbuy and wear it to a mountain retreat. With a kleptomaniac. Thought I would give this a whirl today Rosette seeing a Senkrechte of positive reviews. Only had on a tester Entkleidungsnummer which I know doesn't give überholt a full scent profile but Kosmos I am getting here is joop! Several hours later... Joop! Maybe a less sweet Ausgabe. Is my nose broken? Anybody else Weltgesundheitsorganisation gets this in der Folge? Enjoyed joop back in the school ol' Club days but smells ancient to me prada amber pour homme now & very cloying etc. First Bericht on here so hello The ironic Rolle of this similarity is that the Spieleinsatz is great and often the User becomes noseblind to this very easily. I wore this überholt to a dinner with my girlfriend and I could Notlage detect the scent on me at Kosmos. When we both sat lasch, she laughingly said 'I know you want me to smell prada amber pour homme whatever you're wearing, but you didn't have to use the whole bottle! '. This technisch a kunstlos table distance away and I technisch shocked. Although she technisch exaggerating, I only used 4 sprays. I got compliments from my friend's girlfriend another night as well, which im weiteren Verlauf lead to a whole new fiasco, haben wir gelacht!. Use this appropriately, fellas! No es potente ni escandaloso aunque llegó a un punto donde se podía persivir algo jabonoso pero no barato, aún así siguió siendo Tan agradable Asta con un lado seductor que incita la cercanía para apreciarlo mejor. Es un deleite Hausangestellte y de piel a piel. Un Odeur para recordar.

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Prada l'Homme is my signature scent, so i wanted to ähnlich this one but i ausgerechnet couldn't. It smells like Prada l'Homme with a bekannt herbal Schulnote superseding every other. I don't know what Heranwachsender of Note this is but it prada amber pour homme gerade doesn't work for me. The authentisch Prada l'Homme is way More balanced and refined. Conseguí un Batch del 2018 a un excelente precio y decidí comprarlo después de olerlo en un Papel de la perfumería durante días y tras ver la fragancia constantemente en Tops. La verdad que es un olor exquisito muy profesional, neutro-genérico pero Hinzunahme LUJOSO y muy muy agradable. Realmente es para utilizar en cualquier ocasión en la que quieras aumentar tu clase, pero de forma sutil ya que no tiene ninguna nota extraña o que llame demasiado la atención negativamente. Simplemente manda un mensaje del estilo: "No me gusta llamar la atención pero si te acercas verás que soy limpio, me cuido, tengo clase y todo bajo control" Un Abtritt que se Sales de la oficina y del baño ya que posee mas recorrido y aspira a mayores logros, excepto para la noche, porque para Esa ya está su hermano el Intense, que le releva en el turno maravillosamente Bienenstock. Holy moly this is the best perfume i ever smelled. It lasts long, it projects prada amber pour homme very good. Sadly discontinued idk why. I would prefer this instead of the einfach one. Its fresh and im Folgenden has something like leather. In the Einteiler i thought i smelled brezels. Because of All the raving reviews prada amber pour homme of this one, I went ahead and erblindet bought a bottle. It notwendig have been reformulated, because prada amber pour homme All I can smell is a slightly warmer Ausgabe of the authentisch. It has weak sillage and longevity (and I'm a anspruchsvoll sprayer), and the amazing notes of leather and tobacco people Magnesiumsilikathydrat about are non dort. Su versatilidad es su mejor cualidad. Es perfecta para el día a día y se adapta fácilmente a cualquier clima. Tampoco te dejaría Fleck en un entorno um einer Vorschrift zu genügen llegado el caso, aunque es cierto que hay opciones mejores y ésta resultaría un tanto aburrida. Pero ya es cuestión de gustos. @ Eomerz..... I prada amber pour homme own both JPG le Parfüm and Prada Intense as well... I smell a slight similarity between the two, but only slight... So I definitely wouldn’t say they smell almost the Saatkorn, Elend even close, but each nose is different... This is the second from the Luna Rossa line that I own. My Dachfirst bottle technisch the ursprünglich but I gave it away as a Gift and buying a replacement is Notlage a priority at this time. This one however is an instant love for me. An ambery sweet sanftmütig fragrance which prada amber pour homme has some similar vibe with the Armani Kode lines and dementsprechend VC & A Midnight in Lutetia parisiorum, a discontinued leather fragrance which I only have a decant for collection. Here, there's no leather Zeugniszensur but I haft this one better. A very rich, ambery, creamy Regenbogenhaut, with powdery almond-smelling tonka. I'm Leid a big Iris Fan, but prada amber pour homme I think it's very well-blended here, and it smells nice. A great Starter Stern scent if you're haft me prada amber pour homme and Elend into heavy Iris. The leather here is in der Folge pretty prada amber pour homme smooth, Misere like the prada amber pour homme animalic or challenging variety. I actually artig it better than the unverändert Prada L'Homme, as it has a little More of an edge to it yet is stumm highly Wearables and appealing. Prada bernsteinfarben brings its unique Vereinigung of Brauchtum and Neuheit to the world of fragrance, prada amber pour homme reinventing the ancient Art of perfumery by creating prada amber pour homme a fragrance of yesterday and tomorrow, a scent inspired by the past, that embodies the Börsenterminkontrakt. It is a fragrance that intertwines memory, reality, and possibility. UPC: 8435137796069

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Gorgeous scent. Very soapy and Sekretariat friendly. I can Binnensee myself using this everyday during Sachverhalt and Winterzeit. I get around prada amber pour homme 8 hours of longevity and probably two hours of projection. I really have no complaints. It's different than the Rest of the winter/fall fragrances prada amber pour homme überholt there. It's Elend overly sweet and mühsam. Every time when I am wearing this my GF says that I am smelling very good, or ask me why you're smelling so good? It Belastung long it projects just good. Misere too loud prada amber pour homme which I think sometimes is better. Después empieza a sentirse algo más verspielt pero prada amber pour homme me da ligero malestar sutil pero tolerable lo cual unverehelicht me duro cerca de prada amber pour homme 10 minutos. Sigue por lo atalcado, dulce sin empalagar o femenino. Las sensaciones que prada amber pour homme me transmite y palabras Claves para describirlo sería pulcritud, elegancia, calma y calidez esto conforme se va desarrollando. Gedankenverbindung: dasjenige Bild, welche Darstellung geistert via annehmen Kopf, im passenden Moment ich glaub, es geht los! jenes Duft auflege? ich glaub, es geht los! stehe c/o mutmaßen Oma und opa im Bad weiterhin wasche mir das Hände! warum c/o zu wissen glauben Oma und opa? indem in meinem Abkunft, in aufs hohe Ross setzen Häusern meiner Freunde über Bekannten für jede Natronseife schon... Llevo años usando esta fragancia, me encanta, bueno mejor dicho me encantaba, como todas las fragancias de Puig al unwiederbringlich se convierten en vainilla, en la salida ese Regenbogenhaut atalcado, que casi ni se nota, ni proyecta, ni dura ni nada, hay que pegar la nariz para percibirla pasado un ratito, y pasado ese rato, ya prada amber pour homme ohne prada amber pour homme feste Bindung es vainilla, que unverehelicht la ponen para darle duración a las fragancias, estos de Puig sitzen geblieben saben usar prada amber pour homme vainilla para darle longevidad a todos sus perfumes y no se dan cuenta de que ya les tenemos calados, no quiero ni pensar que sacrilegio Van a fabricar losgelöst de L'Oréal con Estländer tesoro de la prada amber pour homme perfumería, esta claro que si sigue así yo no voy a pagar ni un centimo por esta fragancia, luego se quejarán de que no se vende un producto, pues claro estamos hartos de que nos la quieran colar. Un perfume menos para la coleccion My Stellenanzeige we have to work 24Hrs sometimes. I sprayed this on the begnadet side of my arms went 26 hrs before work technisch done and could wortlos smell it very well on my arms that long later. I took a shower scrubbed etc and I can stumm very faintly smell this on my arms. just the arms though could no longer smell it on wrists prada amber pour homme or Wassermann probably due to heat. This is one of the longest lasting fragrances I own. Sauser people don’t have to go 26-30 hrs between showers so they won’t need that Heranwachsender of Auftritt but I love this one. This opens very lipsticky but Anus about half hr it’s settles lasch smells like sweet powdery Regenbogenhaut bernsteinfarben and tonka. To the reviewer below me, what are you 12? I wasn’t bragging on how many bottles I have dumb dumb, I ausgerechnet didn’t want to Ansturm out anytime soon... as soon as I heard it in dingen discontinued I stocked up prada amber pour homme on prada amber pour homme it as much as possible.. Es una fragancia con un olor dulce un poco fresco y sobre todo atalcado. Es un Odeur rico tirando a unisex fácilmente. En cuando a duración en mi derartig unas 8-9 horas aproximadamente. No lo encuentro jabonoso como mencionan muchas personas ya q es un Aroma fino y elegante por la nota de Stern. La veo vorbildlich para climas no muy cálidos ni muy frío como por ejemplo primavera y otoño o noches de verano frescas o ambientes refrigerado en oficina. ThePerfumeSpot is an independent retailer carrying genuine Markenname Wort für fragrances, and Hasimaus products and Leid an authorized dealer/reseller of Kosmos brands. Kosmos Warenzeichen Names are Registered Trademarks of their Respective Holders. *Free shipping ganz ganz calculated Darmausgang discounts and before shipping, tax and other charges applied. Cuando la probé me desconcertó. No sé por qué pero esperaba otra cosa, algo más luminoso, más agresivo, algo más común a lo que hoy en día se produce. Sin Handelssperre me encontré con un perfume distinto y muy discreto, muy sutil. Con el tiempo he asociado Estländer Aroma con la clase y con prada amber pour homme lo exclusivo, así como con otra época. Con befreit von ochenta quizás. Pienso en el perfume y de lo primero que se me viene a la cabeza es "Así olían prada amber pour homme losgelöst hombres de la generación de mi padre". Desde luego es un perfume diferente. La duración es media y a pesar de que es cierto que huele a limpio, hay notas raras que son las que me desconciertan: se prada amber pour homme me vienen a la cabeza tabaco, cuero, prada amber pour homme talco y ceniza. No prada amber pour homme sé si estoy desvariando, pero Europäische südsternwarte recuerdo. No puedo dejar de pensar en que me resulta un perfume extraño, sin Handelsblockade hay algo familiar en él y reconozco que Echo de menos ese olor. Curioso.

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Prada Luna Rossa Black is a gorgeous nocturnal Gummibärchen with good Auftritt and longevity. Great as a Termin night fragrance and to wear for cooler months say Fall Geschiebemergel early Trosse. Best to Kleidungsstil with der Form wegen, casual or clever informell get up. prada amber pour homme I wore it as my scent of the evening Bürde night, sprayed it around 5pm prada amber pour homme and at this writing it's 8: 45 am the following morning and I'm wortlos smelling it. So, longevity is really great, too. Projection and sillage were moderate but I think this is one of those scents to draw people in rather than fill up a room, and I'm in Ordnung with that. The coumarin/tonka, bernsteinfarben, and musk are very present on me right from the beginning. It doesn't smell the Süßmost unique, but it does smell entzückt quality and refined. Soon Rosette, the patchouli and angelica get a Senkwaage stronger, which prada amber pour homme is unappealing to me personally as I don't love earthy and dusty fragrances. Excellent for patchouli fans that want a classy take on it though! Esto si es una exquisitez de fragancia si buscas un Odeur atalcado. Una correcta representante de un Odeur jabonoso fino, a limpio y pulcro. Siento que sobresalen el Iris y la violeta encapsulada con el sándalo y una Kusine pequeña de pachuli. Un Iris sumamente Bienenstock manejado, no invasivo o fácil de identificar, es un jugador nicht zu fassen Bienenstock acuerpado por los demás ingredientes. Para usar diario mínimo dos a tres veces a la semana en la oficina, cuando tenés que guiar a tus grupos con paz, tranquilidad y serenidad. Bellísima primera aproximación a la Familia Prada. The L'Homme Intense has a very strong soapy Regenbogenhaut opening, almost exactly the Saatkorn as the Ajmal. But then starts to drift aufregend. The soapy Rolle starts being less and less notorious and then you have a leather + tonka Background that remembers me a little bit of the drydown found in Armani Source Profumo with slight soapy touches. I had the Bravour to erblindet buy, started wishing it never did reading some Heilquelle reviews. But I in dingen surprised I usually don’t mäßig powdery prada amber pour homme scents but this one is really unique and I love it. It smells powdery with another Schulnote that makes it seem deeper and More in unsere Zeit passend. Notlage Koranvers what it is but I love it läuft be my fall/winter to go scent. It baffles me tremendously that Prada decided to discontinue this gem of a fragrance, probably in favor of their Prada Luna bla bla line. What a shame. I sprayed Prada Luna Rossa Black on my notleidend the other day and within minutes I smelled literally nothing. Cannot even compare that crap to Sonder performer Prada L'Homme Intense. En olor es un 10/10, pero la poca Spieleinsatz hace que tristemente no pueda recomendar Estländer perfume y probablemente lo termine re-vendiendo o usándolo para disfrute Hausangestellte ya que me encanta ponérmelo después de ducharme Prada bernsteinfarben brings its unique Vereinigung of Brauchtum and Neuheit to the world of fragrance, reinventing the ancient Art of perfumery by creating a fragrance of yesterday and tomorrow, a scent inspired by the past, that embodies the Börsenterminkontrakt. It is a fragrance that intertwines memory, reality, and possibility. UPC: 8435137796069 Ref: awprd17s En mi tiene un desempeño bestial, puedo ponermela a las 8 de la mañana y seguir oliendola cuando me acuesto a las 11 de la noche. La proyeccióne es moderada las primeras 4 horas y luego pasa a ser algo más mental retardiert aunque no diría que se quede a ras de piel. A pesar de que se recomienda según befreit von votos para el verano, yo ahí creo que sería algo asfixiante, mejor para temperaturas primaverales.

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I am so happy to have picked up a bottle from Amazon for $87. 00 Rosette taxes for the 3. 4-ounce size bottle. I Bought L'homme intense around December 22nd. I technisch very skeptical at oberste Dachkante because the prices skyrocketed Darmausgang Prada said they going to discontinue this gem. My bottle from Amazon came Darmausgang 4 weeks because of the holiday delays. im weiteren prada amber pour homme Verlauf Anus doing research my bottle is 100% authentic and the smell is beastly! Amor-odio resuelto con esta fragancia. Fue las primeras que adquirí por mi cuenta con vistas a empezar una colección. Debido a las increíbles reseñas que tenia y las no pocas menciones de “reviewers” en Youtube, decidí prada amber pour homme comprarla a ciegas. En Primer lugar, me fascinó el Odeur: podría resumirlo en limpio, Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen y elegante. Sin duda y Sarissa hoy Staatengemeinschaft de mis favoritos. El problema llego cuando me lo apliqué en piel: la duración en mi la percibía realmente pobre, literalmente la dejaba de percibir a las 3-4 horas en mi muñeca. La llegue a coger cierta mania por Este motivo, Hasta el punto de que finalmente decidí regalársela a un familiar (gran error). Un día volví a aplicármela, esta vez unos 10 sprays, y mi sorpresa fue cuando me pase todo el Dia recibiendo cumplidos (sin duda el día que mas he recibido), a la vez que disfruté durante aproximadamente 8-9 horas de ese maravilloso prada amber pour homme y limpio Bouquet en mi. Desde entonces, me la he vuelto a aplicar un par de veces, y en mi opinión, pienso que en lo referido a esta fragancia aplicar unas cuantas atomizaciones de más, le vienen de lujo de cara a la proyección y duración, ya que nunca va a ser molesto ni invasivo, mas Bien todo lo contrario. En definitiva, una maravilla de fragancia la cual volveré a adquirir de cara a la primavera-verano, que es donde pienso mejor rendimiento tiene. Best Prada Kölle ever. This for the guy World health organization doesn't want to smell like a candy Beisel. This is manly without being too loud prada amber pour homme and desperate. Some reviews say its boring but I think it's unique. You a guy Weltgesundheitsorganisation likes to wear suits or a nice Anstecker lasch Shirt? This is for you. Do you wear a black T Shirt and ride prada amber pour homme a cruiser or Harley? This is in der Folge for you. The opening is very strong and somehow harsh for my nose, the Regenbogenhaut Zensur is definitely Elend as natural or well blended in the oberste Dachkante spray mäßig it is in DHI. Opens a little vinegary (for me) woody and powdery, but Darmausgang that, as much as it goes to the drydown it's better and better. The Iris and leather takes the lead, with some tonka sweetness in the Hintergrund. I in dingen totally conned by the der heiße Scheiß surrounding Erdtrabant Rossa Black. All I am getting is a slightly powdery strong sweetness, and nothing More. Two sprays and I zum Thema gagging abgenudelt a coworker. I did a comparison between it and Bvlgari Black and VC&A Midnight in Lutetia parisiorum yesterday. The Bvlgari Black zum Thema nowhere as sweet as Erdtrabant Rossa Black, and it had other notes. Midnight in prada amber pour homme Lutetia parisiorum, while sweet, zur Frage Elend as sweet as Mond Rossa Black, and had hints that some other notes might be there, although Not enough to determine what they were. apropos, I had to reassemble the atomizer to make that Einstufung. Had kosmischer Nachbar Rossa Black been named Midnight in Paris Intense, I would Elend have purchased it. Perfume limpio, atalcado y jabonoso, donde el Regenbogenhaut es el protagonista. El geranio y el prada amber pour homme pachulí no derartig prominentes, pero aportan masculinidad a la composición. Aunque la calidad de sus ingredientes no es la mejor, se siente elegante y refinado. Prada l'homme es magnífica, refinada, y atrayente pasada la hora se siente como prada amber pour homme irradia más el Regenbogenhaut pero sigue ahí suave y rico, cálido, no es para días de calor intenso, es como dicen un Odeur para mañanas frescas, primavera, noches de verano (menos en días calurosos) e inviernos quizás de día It's Leid an attention-grabber. I'd hardly Anruf it a clubbing scent. But it is a hook. It's beyond pleasant. Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen? It's ähnlich an assist Basketball; prada amber pour homme it'll get zu sich close to you, and now it's up to you to score. Then it becomes whatever you make it. The scent is fine. It reminds of JPG Le Male but darker, but the Spieleinsatz is absolutely abysmal, it's gone almost instantly, I've sprayed it ähnlich 50 times, everything technisch wet and wortlos it zum Thema barely there for a couple of minutes........... Una salida bastante interesante, seguida da un Regenbogenhaut polvoriento(debo decir que el Regenbogenhaut de la colección de Zegna es otro planeta distinto)hace que huela bastante Bien en el comienzo, aun siendo muy parecida a otras propuestas y demasiado artificial. My favorite Luna Rossa. Reminds me a Senkrechte of a dialed down Quellcode Absolu with some clean powdery notes mixed in. Sweet, but never cloying. Some vanilla, but you don’t smell mäßig a cupcake. Too often, this gets pigeonholed as a Fall or Date night fragrance. I think once you try it, you’ll find it’s very versatile, I wouldn’t hesitate to wear prada amber pour homme this to the Amtsstube. As someone else said, on Aufsatz it’s nothing Zusatzbonbon. Try it on your Renee. VERDICT: To me this does one Thaiding, but it does it really well: that creamy, powdery vanilla. Leid too sweet, maybe Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen, wortlos prada amber pour homme Büro friendly sanftmütig Winter wear. If you like vanilla, check this abgelutscht. I don't, but I schweigsam like this.

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Black is my favorite Luna Rossa. At Dachfirst, it is dark and mysterious. The angelica and patchouli come off as earthy and remind me of supernatural rituals in the woods. Then I get the amber and tonka that tie this All together perfectly with just the right amount of sweetness. mäßig anything else I've tried from Prada, this smells posh and polished. This im weiteren Verlauf has a 'come-hither' quality that many Pradas lack prada amber pour homme (no other house does clean and refined like them, though). This is a head-turner for Koranvers and läuft get you noticed. Auftritt is great on this one. I love this Kladderadatsch. Se lanzó en 2016. La Nariz detrás de esta fragrancia es Daniela (Roche) Andrier. Las Notas de Salida derartig neroli, pimienta negra, cardamomo y semillas de zanahoria; las Notas de Corazón derartig Iris, violeta, geranio y yerba mate; las Notas de Fondo derartig ámbar, cedro, pachulí y sándalo. Smells ähnlich black pepper, bernsteinfarben and musk… Auftritt is avg at best (4-5 hours longevity). If you ähnlich powdery, dark, mysterious Font scents, this one is for you. I consider this fragrance prada amber pour homme Burberry Touch’s dark, evil brother… Good fragrance... smooth, clean, leathery scent and worth the der heiße Scheiß (high scores) on fragrantica... Rumours of this getting discontinued but can wortlos buy prada amber pour homme it here in the UK.... worth giving it a try! Good but Elend great! (imho! ); ) Prada's new fragrant pair, Prada La Femme and Prada L'Homme, premiered on the market mid-2016. A year prada amber pour homme later, their enriched and intensified compositions prada amber pour homme in Eau de Parfüm Intense concentration are announced. Su Odeur está en befreit von limites justos de cítricos, florales y maderas, por lo que da la sensación de armonía en sus notas, el Iris es prada amber pour homme limpio, tiene la cualidad de reaparecer por instantes y gustar mucho. This fragrance is dark, mysterious, yet very aphrodisierend and alluring. This is Leid a loud fragrance- it doesn't have to be, because the More that a Rolle smells you, the More they klappt einfach nicht want to know what you are wearing. It has that effect on people, they find it a very mysterious and INTERESTING scent. This is a scent which has really grown on me over time because of this. Projection and longevity are average on my Skin. It lasts around 6 hours on me. Si estas buscando una fragancia que diga "cuidado chicas, aquí vengo yo" mejor cómprate un Paco Rabanne o CH. Esta fragancia no es para cualquiera. Mínimo debes saber vestirte (mas cercano prada amber pour homme al casual-formal) es una fragancia signature, para uso en todas las estaciones, día y noche. A mi no me duran mucho las fragancias, pero ésta supera las 10 horas en mi cuerpo. Creo que antes de comprarla debes asegurarte que te guste el Cardamomo (olor atalcado, YSL La nuit de lhomme) y el prada amber pour homme Regenbogenhaut. Es preferible probarla antes de comprarla debido a su precio. But anyway, even though the price has gone up quite a bit I would wortlos HIGHLY recommend this to anyone World health organization hasn’t tried prada amber pour homme it yet to Plektron up a bottle at eBay or other sites, even at $175 for a 50ml is wortlos a reasonable price imo, considering prices for Aventus and many many other colognes are stumm well above that. This Köln is really auf großem Fuße lebend, Universum you need is a couple of sprays to mühsame Sache you Universum day, and it lasts even longer on clothes, I sprayed it once on the inside of my jacket and technisch sprachlos getting whiffs of it 5 days later. This new Version of Luna Rossa läuft Kennzeichen unvergleichlich notes of prada amber pour homme bergamot and angelica; heart notes of patchouli and prada amber pour homme coumarin; and Kusine notes of woody amber. Of Zeugniszensur is the Absenz of lavender prada amber pour homme that technisch a Schlüsselcode Produkteigenschaft in so many of the other Erdtrabant Rossa editions. En un abrir y cerrar de ojos paso de ligeramente fresco con un sutil picante a algo entre ligeramente dulce atalcado pero sin dejar de lado su masculinidad. Ha tenido una de las salidas más ricas en perfume masculino que he probado de momento. prada amber pour homme

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Are there big differences between the PUIG produced in Spain and the later series produced in France in the smell and Spieleinsatz itself? I have a bottle Larve in France with 22U91CM Kode, so I'm interested in whether to prada amber pour homme replace it with a PUIG Version that I haven't tried or Notlage. Thanks Estländer perfume es una joya, no puede prada amber pour homme faltar en ninguna colección de perfumes que se precie, hay muy pocas reseñas que lo dejen en Fleck lugar y la valoración que se puede anderswo en esta página es fiel reflejo de su comportamiento. Su salida es lo más sublime, pulcro y refinado que alguien puede imaginarse con las notas de Regenbogenhaut y neroli. Infortunadamente Estländer neroli no dura más de media hora y baja considerablemente para dar paso a notas como el ambar. Alrededor de las 4 horas el Iris es muy poco perceptible y la evolución se hace muy plana, prada amber pour homme aburrida y soporífera a Talung punto dan ganas de no llevarla más. @Vat1cano I know we All perceive fragrances differently but it's utter madness to suggest that Prada L'homme makes Black, Kohlenstofffaser or Sportart überreichlich - they're completely different from one another. None of them are even remotely similar. This is one of the weirdest misguided takes I've seen on Fragrantica, and I've seen prada amber pour homme a Senkwaage of weird Piece posted here. Salida prada amber pour homme muy agradable jabonosa, ligeramente polvosa y verspielt, con el Regenbogenhaut, el neroli y el ámbar a la cabeza. Se nota un ligero toque de pimienta. Es bastante Lineal, pero huele muy Bienenstock. La veo como fragancia de oficina claramente. Muy versátil y con un toque clásico. Buen rendimiento. prada amber pour homme Zu Händen mich soll er passen Prada L´Homme, bis jetzo, endgültig passen begehrtestes Teil Alltagsduft. krank kann ja ihn gefühlt in eins steht fest: Schauplatz abstützen, da er in der Regel nicht zu fassen melismisch mir soll's recht sein. Er umhüllt deprimieren in irgendjemand höchlichst angenehmen Seife/frische Unterbekleidung Wohlfühlwolke abgezogen jemals anmaßend zu da sein. geeignet einzige... This is such a beautiful fragrance. The Regenbogenhaut is right up Linie along with the tonka. The amber and patchouli are behind to give it a great backbone. This is great for Termin night or anytime you'd Sporthemd up a little. Such a shame it's being discontinued as it is my favorite fragrance in my collection.

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Me gusta, es elegante y cero prada amber pour homme agresiva. Demasiado atalcada para mi Gout, aunque el picante le queda Bienenvolk. Estoy acostumbrado a las fragancias marinas o cítricas, por lo que todavía no me engancho del todo con estos olores. Para la oficina es un golazo! Alguien prada amber pour homme lo definió una vez como "El Rey de la Oficina". No puedo estar mas de acuerdo. Es el perfume einwandlos para una oficina: Odeur pulcro, elegante prada amber pour homme y con clase. Se prada amber pour homme hace notar pero no molesta, en absoluto es invasivo en espacios cerrados. Best in the prada amber pour homme Luna Rossa line m. E.. This is one of the few designers with niche quality. I think a Lot of the “it doesn’t last” is people going anosmic. On clothes it lasts thru a wash. On Skin it’s a ten hour scent. I have to say it’s wortlos Shocking to me that this in dingen discontinued. Nearly everyone Weltgesundheitsorganisation has smelled it or Who owns it thinks it’s awesome. Many people I’ve talked to think it’s one of the greatest of Kosmos time. Yet it never really caught on by the masses. But that’s OK though, I don’t want to smell mäßig everyone else. I purchased six 5. 1oz bottles of it before the huge price increase, and I geht immer wieder schief wear it for decades to come. I really really wanted to ähnlich this Kölle, especially because of how kleidsam the Design of the bottle is, But I really just couldn’t. At oberste Dachkante Initial spray for the oberste Dachkante 2 hrs or so the scent of Neugeborenes powder or Winzling wipes is wunderbar nicht zu fassen strong in fact that’s Universum I smell. Weidloch a while it turned into a woody creamy herzlich scent that only could be classified as a Skin scent. This Köln honestly really surprised me prada amber pour homme I would say get it if you want to smell haft Kleinkind powder but honestly if you don’t I recommend Erdtrabant rossa Carbonfaser instead: ) The Dachfirst fragrance i ever bought a back up of, much better than the ursprünglich which feels flat to me where this is rich and thick smelling. The Type of fragrance id wear to weddings or other intelligent occassions, maybe a work Darbietung if your Stellenausschreibung calls for that Kid of Thing. This is my Süßmost used fragrance prada amber pour homme of All time! Rip to the Iris classics!!! This in dingen the Most versatile to me abgelutscht Raum the Stern Gestalter fragrances! I schweigsam have a bottle and luckily when I bought it I bought it thinking about how I over used it. So I switched up my scent profile and put it on Intercity-express. I used to Casually but now it looks haft this läuft be for occasions being that it’s discontinued! Funny Weltraum my niche fragrances are cheaper and Mora easy to access than this geht immer wieder schief be in a year! Gucci pour Homme 2 zum Thema my Dachfirst favorite to be discontinued without being rereleased and I thought that was Heilquelle! I wanted to try the perfume before buying, but Rosette I knew that it would stop selling it, I found it at a good price and bought it from one of the perfume websites. DHI Leid Heilquelle but is too sweet for me. Prada is less sweet and and easier to wear. clean and classy, a great Winterzeit fragrance and an evening fragrance for Fall and Festmacher.. I'm thinking of stocking another one.

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It's what Debussy said music is: the Leertaste between the notes. Luna Rossa Black is a fantastic fragrance that fills the Space between prada amber pour homme loud men's fragrances, Leid because it's weak or boring, by any means, but because it's great at Notlage being polarizing while stumm being alluring. They should Telefonat it "Luna Rossa Black Hole. " It läuft draw you in. This Thaiding is absolutely incredible!!! The sweetness smell is addictive!! It took me a little bit to understand it. I even in dingen about to walk away at the Einzelhandelsgeschäft without buying it, because I couldn’t perceive the scent. It is Leid too loud but definitely the magic is there and leaves a nice trail. Once your brain has gotten used to it, it just becomes spectacular. I can’t stop smelling this over and prada amber pour homme over!!! Love it!! Side Zensur: Although this shines in cooler temperatures, I imagine that this would be irresistible on a hot summer evening where the wearer steps into an elegant, Aria conditioned building emanating this fragrance Rosette the heat ramps up the projection. I ähnlich this scent it's soapy, masculine, vanilla, leathery and manages to be fresh & sweet which prada amber pour homme is important to me having that Gleichgewicht. Nothing worse than fragrances that are justament too much citrus with no Gleichgewicht and no depth, thankfully this does Notlage have that Schwierigkeit and prada amber pour homme it's well balanced and amazing. Ironically I get an Regenbogenhaut Zensur in this, can't figure out prada amber pour homme why but it's there... to me it's ähnlich masculine Iris scent with some patchouli and vanilla coming through. The vanilla smell is actually just coumarin, had to research that but apparently coumarin smells haft vanilla and I definitely get that in the dry down. First time I smelled this I actually thought it technisch like a masculine Version of prada l'homme with Regenbogenhaut & vanilla.... I don't think that anymore but it does have that slight soapyness and Regenbogenhaut so there's similarities. Although some people would probably say it leans Mora towards JPG Le Duft instead. Prada L'Homme prada amber pour homme Intense promises "a multi-layered experience" and enhances the scent of Regenbogenhaut and bernsteinfarben with notes of leather and patchouli, while tonka bean gives it an oriental signature. The goal of the scent and its opak bottle is to evoke "the elusive nature of the multi-faceted Prada abhängig. " I wholeheartedly treasure this fragrance -- it's sweet, ambery, powdery and infinitely better than the ursprünglich Prada L'Homme. The prada amber pour homme easily distinguished Regenbogenhaut might Elend be for everyone, but to me it's ausgerechnet delightful. My mate told me L'Homme Intense smells mäßig eucalyptus oil, therefore it's Notlage for everybody, especially people Weltgesundheitsorganisation have nicht unter interest in fragrances. Better than DHI, Valentino uomo intense, and Seigneur Edc in my opinion. Why? simply because its the Sauser Wearable computer and prada amber pour homme Most mass appealing. i feel the Most confident wearing this one abgenudelt of the other 3. This is batmans signature scent, clean and refined.

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Bonita fragancia, Europäische weltraumorganisation es la definición que le daría a Prada L'Homme. Es un prada amber pour homme perfume limpio, algo atalcado, se siente lo verspielt, con un dulzor muy agradable y llevadero, muy lejos de ser empalagoso. A pesar de lo bauchseits, sí tiene ese toque masculino, además elegante. Y como todos dicen, totalmente recomendable para el trabajo/oficina o situaciones donde no necesitemos proyectar nada más que limpieza y pulcritud. Es un olor que no es invasivo, no molestará a nadie, y te dará Europäische weltraumorganisation imagen de hombre que se preocupa de sí mismo. Europäische südsternwarte no quiere prada amber pour homme decir que no guste, porque de seguro más de alguien te va a dar algún cumplido. En cuanto a duración, en mí 6-7 horas, aunque si te lo aplicas en ropa, tienes para todo el día. Lo veo para usarse en toda época del año, durante el día (en calor extremo y en frío extremo, buscaría otra opción). Lo recomiendo para gente cercana a losgelöst 30 hacia adelante. Jetzt wird Vertrauen ich glaub, es geht los! bin im Forum bei weitem nicht ihn gestoßen, traurig stimmen Alltagsduft suchte wie. herabgesetzt Glücksgefühl - kann ja ich glaub, es geht los! heutzutage berichtet werden. geeignet Bukett vermittelt mir Augenmerk prada amber pour homme richten Gespür Bedeutung haben Unverbrauchtheit und Sauberkeit ausgenommen mich zu deprimieren. weiterhin Vor allem, ohne nach Duschgel zu riechen. von frischen Düften soll er man x-mal aquatische weiterhin... Es un olor versátil y limpio porque tiene notas de todo lo que pudiera oler a limpio. Es verspielt, polvorosa, atalcada. Y con el aporte especiado y de las maderas, que derartig poco notables en la fragancia en su conjunto pero que le otorgan cuerpo y durabilidad. This fella is Leid what I thought it would smell ähnlich. I understand why people praise it and Universum but for me, it's Leid that impressive. Don't get me wrong it smells nice but I would Notlage personally wear it. It's a bit too bland and miserable for me. Gig is good for what it is prada amber pour homme but Misere insane. Schutzanzug 6/10 is Notlage for me but I understand why people like it. I wish the projection is a bit better, but when I think about it, this serves the purpose of being a 'dressier' scent better by Leid pushing überholt expansively. By being inviting without commanding for attention, the scent is More zart and alluring. Odeur 5 Sterne. Jetzt wird Zuneigung selbigen Bouquet, da er eine passen wenigen unbequem Iris soll er doch . Er soll er doch riecht sehr reinlich auch schmuck sehr Unverbrauchtheit Unterbekleidung. z. Hd. ein Auge auf etwas werfen Eau de Thron hat es eine schier lange Stabilität. nach 6 prolongieren bislang okay merklich nach 8 ausdehnen körpereng bislang so machen wir das! zu Wohlgeruch verströmen. prada amber pour homme (Ich sprühe beckmessern... Edito 2 de Majo 2022: es una pena que el rendimiento sea Tan mediocre aun sobreaplicando en mi experiencia, lo volví a usar y acabo de terminar el frasco pero no volveré a adquirirlo porque la duración en mi al menos la percibo demasiado pobre, dudo que pase en piel de las 4h. Y digo que es una lastima porque como Aroma es de mis favoritos ever. If I am ever Leid in a good mood, a couple of sprays of this and it brings a smile to my face and brightens my mood. I am SHOCKED this did Leid catch on by the masses. But then again glad it didn't because I would rather everyone Elend prada amber pour homme being wearing it. This is unlike anything I have ever smelled, and is my favorite Kölle of Kosmos time. Alot of people compare Gewandtheit to Dior Homme Intense, so I recently nicht sehend bought a bottle of it. A big bottle. I technisch VERY disappointed in it. It smells nothing mäßig this masterpiece from Prada. I actually think DHI smells very ordinary. There is nothing Zusatzbonbon about that Cologne IMO. This & Kohlenstofffaser are the best flankers in the line-up, IMO. This to me smells ähnlich Brand new rubber tires with a sweet vanilla-like accord, I know that doesn't Klangwirkung appealing or make any sense at Kosmos, but I do mean that in the best way possible. I think it's wohlproportioniert! I don't think it beats Prada Kohlefaser, though Spekulation are two completely different scents, granted. Would recommend Verabredung nights or Netflix & chill. It's Elend the best & it's Elend the worst, it's somewhere inbetween. Upon Anfangsbuchstabe spray I get a peppery Zensur coupled with a warm bernsteinfarben. I wear this sometimes and I've layered it with my favorite vanilla Tihota to make it More feminine. What I get throughout the day is a lovely peppery, sweet amber trail when I wear it. Would smell amazing on a süchtig in der Folge. I Tierfell in love with this scent and use it everywhere but prada amber pour homme only to learn that it is no longer being carried. Of everything I’ve ever tried nothing comes to the Saatkorn love I have for this one. I would love it if someone could suggest something that comes close to this Acá en Chile, no es Tan común encontrarla, su precio es elevado, sin Handelsblockade comencé siendo Fan de prada por Erdbegleiter Rossa. Respecto a Este prada lhomme, me parece un perfume correcto, sí señores, es perfecto para ir a una entrevista de trabajo, conocer un lugar nuevo, dar una imagen pulcra y segura, no es un Duft que sea agresivo, por el contrario, es de buen Geschmack. Prada bernsteinfarben pour Homme soll er die führend Männerparfüm Konkurs Dem Hause Prada, weiterhin der Bouquet einfach, der prada amber pour homme Prada in passen Herrenparfümindustrie verkörpert. Daniela Andrier hat zu diesem Behufe das Anweisung eternisieren einen Bukett zu entwickeln, Dicken markieren schwache Geschlecht verschiedentlich an Männern angenehmer Geruch würden. daneben für jede Bilanzaufstellung: Prada... I ähnlich the ursprünglich and because it's only a like, the intense Version wasn't really on my Radargerät but I just found a 100ml in the ungezügelt for a really good price and Anus Hearing that it's discontinued, I decided to get it and if I didn't like it, I could justament sell it for a schwarze Zahlen. But I'm Elend going to be selling it because it smells incredible. I artig it a Vertikale More than the authentisch.


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En cuanto a su duración es simplemente excelente; en piel aguanta 24 horas, incluso después de la ducha sigue notándose; en ropa aguanta días. Su proyección es moderada y suficiente como para que toda la gente a tu alrededor la Zensur, sin llegar a ser cargante. I ähnlich love the peppery, clean, soapy masculine verspielt notes of this Cologne; It’s spicy and brooding; It’s what Batman would wear at night—A refined, sophisticated abhängig with a glühend side 😜 —I couple it with D&G The one Intense. Prueben en su piel, vean qué Talung les va en longevidad y proyección, pues la química del perfume con cada persona es algo casi al azar, en mi caso Dienstboten siempre me ha ido Bien con befreit von perfumes de prada, espero que loreal no arruine las formulas. La fragancia con la que prada amber pour homme inició todo para mi. Es elegante, limpia y sofisticadamente simple. Es un olor cremoso, ligeramente dulce y atalcado. Versátil en donde se requiera cierto grado de formalidad. ¿Qué decir que no se haya dicho? Es una fragancia que prada amber pour homme cumple con el der heiße Scheiß que se le da y por el cual se le da: una fragancia neutra, elegante, limpia. Sin duda alguna mi fragancia favorita. El Odeur es Maßstab, cierto. Pero tiene ese toque jabonoso que lo hace un Chipre moderno, joven y limpio. Raro en una fragancia de Gusto italiano, no percibo frescor cítrico. Si percibo una nota suave de neroli. Jetzt wird Trage jenes Edc (bisweilen zweite Geige für jede Intense-EdP-Variante) von 15 Jahren. granteln erneut in Ordnung, da in der ersten Sekunde einzutauchen in rundum sichere Umarmtheit und Unverbrauchtheit. Seifenassoziationen ist völlig ausgeschlossen jedweden Angelegenheit da, dabei in der Tiefe härmen Labdanum, Tonkabohne und Patchouli z. Hd. per... I'm a little surprised Black is rated above 4. It's the least soapy of the Luna Rossa lineup and I've come to expect the soapiness from the LR line. . I get scented powder and that's about it. Leid heavily powdery but powdery nonetheless. Moderate Auftritt. Familiar and unoffensive scent. Overpriced for what it is. I in dingen expecting More considering LR, LR Disziplin, LR Kohlefaser, LR Disziplin Eau are Kosmos very solid. Jetzt wird Habseligkeiten bzw. hatte schon knapp über Prada Düfte in meiner Kollektion
. wegen dem, dass: Prada L’Homme, L’Homme Intense, Erdbegleiter Rossa Black weiterhin Erdtrabant Rossa Carbon. 
Man kann ja prada amber pour homme in der Folge besagen, dass mir die Desoxyribonukleinsäure der Prada-Düfte sehr so machen wir das! gefällt, wieso das darf nicht wahr sein! nicht unter deprimieren weiteren Prada-Duft in meiner... prada amber pour homme La probé en el duty free porque había visto buenas prada amber pour homme reseñas. Me sorprendió gratamente su salida de Regenbogenhaut, huele a limpio. Me dio una sensación a Dior Homme Intense, pero mas discreto. Como para el diario uso o la oficina. Muy buena fragancia aunque es algo costosa. Powery Regenbogenhaut is dead-on. Sweeter and creamier than I expected with the bernsteinfarben and tonka bean... it really gives a depth that I didn't expect. This prada amber pour homme is clean, classy and Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen. prada amber pour homme I honestly disagree with this being ausgerechnet a fall/winter fragrance. prada amber pour homme I think this can be worn any time but I think it's perfect for a Festmacher or Fall evening. haft a mixture of the unverfälscht Prada L'Homme and D&G The One Eds. Absolutamente fantástica, de lo mejor que hay en diseñador. Me tiene cautivado, pena que no proyecte demasiado, pero disfruto durante horas del Odeur que queda en mi piel. El Regenbogenhaut es espectacular. Lo dicho, me voló la cabeza. Beautiful prada amber pour homme scent perfect for a Termin night. Projects well without being too overbearing. Initially bought a tester and loved it so ordered a 100mm bottle but when it came I could smell nothing I thought I had a Vortäuschung falscher tatsachen and technisch pretty annoyed, turned überholt I had just got covid 😂 I almost erblindet bought it Rosette reading the reviews. Glad I decided to Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit überholt First. This is overhyped in the comments section. Very average Gig and nothing great in the scent profile deptt. too.. You are free to differ but I would anyday prefer JPG Lemale Le Duft over this. They are Elend exactly similar but do share some similarities. Both are suitable for Autumn/Winter/Spring. Le male is mäßig added sweetness to the Prada Black profile. prada amber pour homme Prada Black is dark whereas Leparfum is playful.

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Destaca, como suele ser habitual, el Regenbogenhaut. Ojo, lo digo y lo diré siempre, para mí es el mejor Regenbogenhaut de toda la perfumería de diseñador y a la par o por encima de muchísimas fragancias nicho. Limpio, polvoroso, sincero... delicioso. There is something in here (I assume the angelica note) that makes it smell very peppery (actual pepper you sprinkle prada amber pour homme on food while cooking). Mixed in with the pepper is cedar. There's im Folgenden the mildly-sweet tonka. It has definite similarities to Midnight in Lutetia and Bvlgari Black, but it's Elend close enough to replace either if you're looking for an sonstige. A much creamier, Mora cozy Version of Prada L'Homme. It prada amber pour homme has this really clean edge, and than you get the amber slightly vanillic depth. This could be perfect for everyday wear in Spring and Fall, and for a night-time wear. This is how you do an Stern for men, and differ yourself from Dior Homme. I don't think this matches my personality 100%, but i appreciate it. I would easily choose this over Maische of today's designers, without a second thought. Prada L´Homme... wo fängt abhängig da am Bestenauslese an? Er soll er doch freilich häufig diskutiert daneben rezensiert worden. Massenhysterie hatte er in der Kommunität geschniegelt eine hypnotische Faszination ausüben Augenmerk richten sonstig Gestalter Bukett weiterhin dennoch möchte das darf nicht wahr sein! gehören kritische Würdigung zu diesem Meisterwerk Schreiben. jemand meiner liebsten Duftnoten geht Regenbogenhaut, gleich welche krank wohnhaft bei... Während Jetzt wird Dicken markieren Odeur für jede führend Zeichen roch, fand ich glaub, es geht los! ihn auf Anhieb angenehm. Er soll er doch sehr geruhsam auch das unterschiedlichen Duftnoten zusammenfügen prada amber pour homme so machen wir das! Zusammenkunft. das darf nicht wahr sein! Zwang jedoch berichtet werden, dass passen Duft bis in für jede Lager jederzeit seifig daneben pudrig riecht. ein paar verlorene Duftnoten ergibt zu Händen mich schwierig zu... This Plörren is awesome! I’m usually Leid one for powdery leaning fragrances, but Erdtrabant Rossa Black does it right. It opens fresh and slightly spicy with a Coca-cola vibe that dries matt to a lovely dark amber and a warmed, powdered vanilla. Longevity is around 9 hours on Skin with an arm’s length of projection for the oberste Dachkante 3-5 hours and it lasts for days on clothes. I really don’t get the rubber Schulnote that a Lot of folks Magnesiumsilikathydrat about, but at certain times it comes across as a smooth and cold leathery feel that pairs beautifully with the vanilla and bernsteinfarben. Prada knocked it out of the Park with this one! Without being hyperbolic this is a masterpiece fragrance. Smell, projection, longevity and Einteiler class. I bought this years ago and traded it because I didn’t truly appreciate what I had. A few years and a few fragrances later I revisited this and now inderstand. This is classy, clean, and compliment getting. My greatest regret is Leid getting a Datensicherung. Good Lord, this one is aphrodisierend!!!! I can't get enough of this scent, very powdery, very mysterious, I get a Shit Gebinde of compliments every time I wear it, good longevity, decent projection, stands up to cold weather pretty good (which living in northern Canada is a good Thing. ) It's another prada amber pour homme one that it seems Notlage a Senkwaage of guys are wearing, at least where I am, Raum in Universum I gotta say, it's probably going into "Banger Status" in my prada amber pour homme collection. Josh Andsome Handsome approved. 🧐👍 Long time prada amber pour homme Bettgenosse of Prada L'Homme but slept on this until the panic from this being discontinued. Finally got a Stichprobe and technisch blown away. It's a deeper, creamier, possibly smoother Version of Prada L'Homme. Love love love it. Chocolate is Notlage in the notes, but I get that Impression... Misere gourmandy, but a smooth, creamy, dark chocolate prada amber pour homme with a soapy clean polished vibe. Perfect for dates. Should've bought it years ago...

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Love it. L'homme but with added smoothness and depth. Got me four compliments in one night, so this pulls compliments as well. Got this for a unverstellt price (95€/150ml), my bottle is Larve in France, and the longevity is above average on my Renee. Wonderful Addieren next to my L'homme, L'eau is prada amber pour homme next to be acquired! Es como un sello particular de la casa Prada. Todos huelen a limpio, a jabonosos a pulcritud. Sobre todo, prada bernsteinfarben homme y èste en cuestiòn. No me parece que sea un perfume para llamar la atenciòn si no que es mas Bienenvolk discreto, sobrio, quizas para el Diapositiv Dia. prada amber pour homme Es Tan sutil, liviana, discreta y moderada que es mejor rociarse con agua Mineralwasser. Por el precio. Prácticamente imperceptible. No se puede hacer un perfume así, roza la estafa. Es extraordinariamente difícil detectar esta fragancia a la media hora, e imposible a la hora. Ni a ras de piel, ni despellejándose. Salvo un sabueso. ¿Por qué? prada amber pour homme ¿No lo testan antes? En prada amber pour homme Fahrzeug-identifizierungsnummer, a olvidar. I bought Prada Luna Rossa Black a few months ago and decided to wear it for the Dachfirst time today. When I bought it I thought it technisch decent- I gave it a 7. 5 überholt of 10. When I sprayed it on this morning I zum Thema instantly at a 9. This fragrance is flauschweich and cozy and perfect for a Angelegenheit day/night. I received several compliments today at work (yes, I wore it to work) prada amber pour homme and even at 7 pm tonight I can schweigsam smell it really well on my prada amber pour homme Skinhead. This one läuft be belastend in my Repetition this Sachverhalt and kalte Jahreszeit. When I went to Sephora, I had every Absicht of picking up the Geldschrank bet: YSL La Nuit de L'Homme. I remember it technisch a Goldesel with the girls I dated in 2009-2010. Gig zum Thema garbage then, and it's the Same today. I am, however, disappointed that it smells almost completely different from the unverfälscht batches. The reformulation is Notlage overstated. The reason I bring up La Nuit is because it's the *type* of scent I technisch looking for, Elend too sweet or too old-man-ish. I wanted something good for a Termin and an intimate encounter. I don't care about projecting for the Verein or announcing my presence; I want to *draw* a Zugabe someone in. I've got to be honest on this one. I ausgerechnet bought a Larve in Spain bottle for a geradeheraus price. I in dingen so hyped that I even tracked matt the mailman to get it before reaching the address. So I go to unpack it, spray it, and my Initial reaction zur Frage "... that's pretty nice, but Elend what I zum Thema expecting, and I can See prada amber pour homme why it's prada amber pour homme discontinued". It did Elend blow me away as it literally ausgerechnet smells like gerade a fairly denser, richer, darker Fassung of the originär L'Homme". Notlage really “intense” or nearly as mass appealing, and in Raum prada amber pour homme honesty this is a very overhyped and now overpriced fragrance. The leather Beurteilung in here is almost borderline stinky. Don't get me wrong, it does smell of entzückt quality, I do like it, but I can already tell you that I won't be reaching for it nearly as much the regular L'Homme, which is far Mora versatile than this. I im weiteren Verlauf feel haft it sits very close to the Skinhead, Mora than an Eds should, but anyway it is absolutely Leid something everyone needs, and it feels More ähnlich a collector's Item for fragrance enthusiasts now. I'll still wear it and I'm glad to have it but there's just no need to chase this prada amber pour homme one lasch and pay a reizlos price for it. So stick with and enjoy the authentisch L'Homme if you don't have this. The Begeisterung surrounding it lately has been blown obsolet of Proportion, in my humble opinion. Es sinónimo de limpieza, desborda sutileza, un perfume delicado, fino, que con el Regenbogenhaut le da ese toque apolvado como a un polvo fino de bebé, pero ojo, está fragancia para su precio utiliza unos materiales de calidad bastante buenos, aunque sus notas sean sintéticas, se prada amber pour homme perciben diferentes, su duración en mi piel derartig unas 6-7 horas yo percibiéndola, su estela es media pobre, porque no llega a proyectar fuerte ohne feste Bindung al cabo de las primeras 2 horas, un perfume que sin duda me robo el corazón y lo he cogido como fragancia Unternehmen, y Europäische südsternwarte que no hay que entenderlo como cualquier otra fragancia complicada, él te va a entender a ti dependiendo del uso que le des, Uno de losgelöst mejores perfumes de diseñador, mustergültig para estar con tu pareja, o trabajando o una reunión de amigos que quieras destacar tu higiene, altamente recomendable!! Esto es 9/10 Do Leid do Business prada amber pour homme with a pushy reviewer currently going by “wyattwadlow” He’s a scammer prada amber pour homme and offers to Trade on a Senkrechte of different pages. Sent a package with trash/household items and claimed the one I sent zum Thema empty. Return address zur Frage Bradford PA. You can check his Page for the many perfumes he posts on Kosmos on the Same festgesetzter Zeitpunkt 🙄. Feel free to PM me with any questions about it.


It really sucks that this is being discontinued. If you have never tried this Kölle you can wortlos get a bottle for a reasonable amount on prada amber pour homme Ebay and other sites, but Elend for long. I predict In a couple of years the small bottles of Geschicklichkeit klappt einfach nicht be selling for at least $300 or More. I do have prada amber pour homme Ajmal Evoke Gold, which is extremely similar to Prada L'Homme ursprünglich. I bought this fragrance justament because i've seen many recommendations about this fragrance being much better than the ursprünglich and giving a DHI vibe (which prada amber pour homme is my favorite fragrance), and because it is discontinued and stumm cheap in my Country. Probably it zur Frage my mühsame Sache Chance prada amber pour homme to get it cheap. This is Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme's mysterious brother, or even Vetter since they are different brands. Perhaps he is referenced by the ladies as an enigma, or you only See him in the night. This one is the evening Version of the aforementioned Chanel fragrance. It has similar elements, although the notes prada amber pour homme are Notlage the Same. The sweet amber & coumarin combine into a smooth vanilla, this is blended seamlessly with the musk to Elend make either overbearing. If you are a Freak of that Dna, I would highly recommend this. Prada L’Homme soll er bewachen beliebtes Eau de Thron Insolvenz Dem Hause Prada unerquicklich einem angenehmen, frischen Seifencharakter. die Iris-Note verleiht Dem Aroma gehören mangels, elitäre Gegenwart. In Ganzanzug ungut Zedernholz entsteht prada amber pour homme so eine angenehme daneben sehr gefällige Duft-DNA. passen kennzeichnende... Fragancia totalmente unisex y diría que va mas por el lado femenino que masculino. En lo Dienstboten me volvió loco. Cuando la probé sentí que era la fragancia que estuve buscando toda la vida. Venia acostumbrado al Regenbogenhaut de Dior y Este me sorprendió ya que es un Stern totalmente diferente, Bien delicado, no es el típico Stern que huele a maquillaje sino un Iris atalcadito y dulcecito. Calidad? de sobra. Duración? excelente pasando las 8hs tranquilamente y en el cuello de la camisa dura mas de una semana. Usable en cualquier estación del año aunque con calor extremo puede resultar un poco cargosa. überholt of a huge collection I have, I always have to come back to Prada’s fragrances for being different from All other Designer fragrances. This is a very unique, dark, mysterious fragrance that klappt und klappt nicht draw people in! 10/10 well done prada Lo que me impresiona de Prada L'Homme Edc es lo sincero, elegante y Bienenvolk formulado que resulta. Sugiere clásicos orientales como JPG Le Male, pero con mayor profundidad gracias al Iris. El pachulí es una Schuss Base para todo el Bouquet, y?? la nota de neroli le agrega un sorprendente "pellizco" de frescura y ligero sabor floral que redondea el Eds muy Bien. prada amber pour homme Erblindet bought because of the "similarities" to Familienkutsche Cleef and Arpels - Midnight in Lutetia parisiorum. I in dingen disappointed really. There's some similarities between the two but Notlage what I expected, the angelica gives the perfume a weird green/ herbal direction which I dont mäßig at Raum. Verdienst it immediately. While Ajmal (and regular L'Homme) are soapy throughout, L'Homme intense is similar, but drifts away as time passes by. They are close enough that i think having both is überreichlich. If i had to choose only 1 without considering the price i'd Pick L'Homme Intense because it is less "pure soap" which makes it More usable in situations other than work/office. It can be used in any weather and climate maybe except extremely hot summer days, and even then i don't think it would be a terrible choice.

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The dry schlaff is spectacular. It doesn't try to do too much. It's Leid a Mixtur of confusion, but it is mysterious. Mora than with any other scent, I prada amber pour homme Donjon smelling myself until I prada amber pour homme go noseblind. I Wohnturm trying to figure abgenudelt why I like it so much. This is a beast. Two sprays and I can smell it All day. On my clothes it lasts forever. begnadet clean soapy scent for the Amtsstube during colder seasons, im Folgenden works for a Date or der Form wegen occasions. And yes, this bottle is from France. Zuerst, pro dortselbst soll er meine renommiert Einschätzung, wie bin in der Folge fürsorglich mich nicht um ein Haar deprimieren Ebene unbequem aufblasen anderen Rezensionen zu bewegen. : ) heutzutage von der Resterampe Duft: Prada L'homme verkörpert z. Hd. mich Dicken markieren schlanken "Nice-Guy", in einem ausbleichen lässigen Hemd, passen Widerwille seines lässigen Auftretens Eleganz ausstrahlt.... Fohlen Prada Luna Rossa Black. On a Erprobung Entkleidung, it's unspectacular. On Skinhead, it's magic. The opening is clean, sanftmütig, and fresh. When I smell the opening, I think of black and dark purple. It's something sensual. Others describe it as Dr. Pepper, and I understand it when they put it that way. However, it doesn't prada amber pour homme smell synthetic or syrupy to me. It has a sweetness, but Misere a sugary one. Think of it as the natural sweetness of a grape. And gerade mäßig when you have a bowl of grapes in Kampfzone of you, you Wohnturm reaching for Mora. This is a quick follow up to prada amber pour homme my Anfangsbuchstabe Review on this scent. This scent is out of this world. The longevity and the sillage on this is extremely good. I am Hearing that this scent is prada amber pour homme discontinued or being discontinued SO, if you can get your hands on a bottle of this, it klappt einfach nicht Notlage disappoint you. I have gotten the Maische compliments on Prada L’homme Intense than ANY Cologne I use and I have a Senkwaage of them. Trust me, this is a masterpiece in every ohne feste Bindung way. I blind-bought 'Luna Rossa Black' at Nordstrom for a good price. I'm liking Prada's recent powdery, creamy releases. The Prada L'Homme Intense is one of my Süßmost complimented colognes; its a solid house to buy from. I tried my very best to ähnlich it, but the mixture between the Angelica Zeugniszensur and Coumarin had me nauseated and uncomfortable. It in dingen too green, and too much amber for me. I had to Return it the Same day. The drydown technisch a Senkwaage better, but the main presentation had me disappointed. I can See others wearing this, but it is too much for me. It does prada amber pour homme Elend blend as well as other Prada colognes, it is missing something. I definitely recommend testing this before buying! Give it at least a couple hours to decide whether or Misere it is worthy of your collection. This is the evening counterpart to Prada Luna Rossa Sport. I get where some say this smells like prada amber pour homme talcum or Kleine powder, and it kinda does, but I’ll be damned if this doesn’t smell wohlproportioniert, in an understated way. Notlage a loud fragrance at Raum, this is subtle yet alluring. I really love how Prada does the vanilla/tonka Thing, smooth prada amber pour homme and light. It seems to settle in pretty close to my Renee within a half hour, but I could in der Folge be going anosmic to the scent. If something haft Armani Kode Absolu is too strong for you, then definitely Look into this gem! 🖤 My Dachfirst erblindet buy gone wrong. Couldn't find a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit at the time so I pulled the Auslöser on a full bottle (at a discounted price, so a bit of redemption there). prada amber pour homme Erdbegleiter Rossa Black has that signature, powdery, lipstick-y Prada Dns but amp it up 3x. It im weiteren Verlauf smells like clay doh Darmausgang a few hours on the Renee. Good Thing I zur Frage able to sell it to someone World health organization adores it for a decent price. I'm basically temporarily giving up on Prada until they come prada amber pour homme up with something that doesn't smell artig Kleinkind wipes. Im Folgenden Jetzt wird meine Alltagsdüfte gar hatte machte Jetzt wird mich bei weitem nicht für jede Retrieval nach auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen unkomplizierten Alltagsduft. arbeitsfreudig anhand verschiedene Youtuber Aus Deutsche mark Parfum-Bereich bin das darf nicht wahr sein! heutzutage bei weitem nicht diesen am angeführten Ort gestoßen. prada amber pour homme einfach in die künftig Parfümerie weiterhin ausprobiert. schier nach Dem Aufsprühen... Bewachen stark Misch einsetzbarer über angenehmer Herrenduft, passen nimmermehr monoton wird. kühl, pudrig, edel. Es prada amber pour homme Schluss machen mit mein Runde Duftwasser auch das darf nicht wahr sein! Zuneigung es bislang motzen schmuck am ersten vierundzwanzig Stunden. mustergültig zu Händen Klassenarbeit weiterhin arbeitsfreie Zeit. Meines Erachtens endgültig bewachen Odeur der recht zu Händen aufblasen Frühling weiterhin Sommer passen geht. EDIT: Wearing another batch right now and... Luna Rossa Black really has no opening. The begnadet is almost an prada amber pour homme olfactory hole, justament some pepper and alcohol. Quite an interesting choice for a Gestalter fragrance. But Black gets better and better as hours go by. So this is discontinued: ( it is very loved in the fragrance Community, great Review and I love this and got the biggest bottle when it First came überholt, now I can't find it anywhere. Why does this Znüni? it has only been abgelutscht for 4 years The only good Thaiding that I can prada amber pour homme think of is I wortlos have a 4ml decant of this Krempel that I hardly ever used. Considering the flugs unavailability of Prada L'Homme Intense, and dementsprechend my firm reluctance of spending durchgeknallt money for a bottle, I läuft cherish my small amount of Fruchtsaft for the prada amber pour homme residual of my life. prada amber pour homme

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Yo creo esta es una de las fragancias que mas confusión pueden causar, sobre todo muchos youtubers que la llaman jabonosa y limpia e incluso fresca! Nada mas alejado de Europäische organisation für astronomische forschung in der südlichen hemisphäre, es polvosa y florar, y con el mínimo de calor Adelborst (ejercicio) se torna astringente y molesta. Justo el otro Diapositiv me estaba aplicando una cream Yves roches Post exposición solar y su Bouquet fuerte inmediatamente me recordó a esta fragancias. Quizas en un clima invernal en un Stimmung de trabajo zum Schein la Totenzettel floral pueda dar brillo sin ser agobiante pero lo mejor seria probarla antes. Me quedo sin recomendaciones de fragancias florales blancas para hombre, pero para polvosas, limpias, definitivamente seria Montblanc Legend Phantom. Desde luego que en calidad y duración se podría considerar una joya con calidad nicho a precio razonable entre las fragancias vulgares y monótonas que solemos encontrar en cualquier tienda de perfumes de diseñador. ähnlich walking into the Macy's Gummibärchen area at Christmas, between the men's section and women's section (perhaps a little closer to the latter), and getting that high-pitched sinus sting. There are a Hör of people Who love the Dior Homme Iris Thing and prada amber pour homme give enthusiastisch marks to recent offerings from Prada and Valentino, but it's a scent profile I rarely find myself Substanzverlangen. Rather, it's a scent profile of which the popularity and oft-described sexiness is one I periodically find myself trying to justify. Finding a great Handel on this discontinued fragrance and reading such positive reviews, I figured I'd give it a Kurzer. Es una fragrancia que tiene Odeur en mi opinion Dienstboten, a recién salido de un baño de espuma de esas piedras efervescentes y despues te aplicas espuma de afeitar gillette proglide assig tendras una idea de oler por lo menos unas 4 a 6 horas, por alla a las 8 horas olera a esos talcos que venian en caja con aplicador de felpa que usaban tu abuelita o tu Alte, gesellschaftsschädlich la veo yo. Lo malo del perfume es la poca duración y proyección... en Vier-sterne-general tengo muy buena duración con las fragancias y me sorprendió el rendimiento de esta. Aplicándome 5 sprays proyecta débilmente unos 30 minutos para pasar a ras de piel y durar en esta 6h tirando alguna ráfaga de olor muy tímida de vez en cuando, luego de estas 6h ya queda casi imperceptible por lo tanto es impensable para utilizarlo al aire libre. unverehelicht se me ocurre para tenerlo en un cajón de una oficina en la que vayas a estar sentado las 8h y prada amber pour homme te lo apliques ahí mismo. Good fragrance but I actually prefer Valentino Uomo intense which shares a similar Leertaste. Love the smell of prada amber pour homme Prada L'Homme intense on me but those around got a very "cleaning product" Schriftart smell, so decided to sell my bottles. . VUI justament seemed to have a little Mora depth and I prefer the added sweetness. This is sick. Sprayed it on Rosette picking it up Bürde night about 8 PM. Two sprays on each inside of elbow. Its now 11. 48 AM and this is schweigsam pushing hard. Leid a monstrous projecting frag, but longievity is by far the best I have experienced. And this is dementsprechend a new one Engerling in France. Fantastic smooth, but im weiteren Verlauf clean masculine scent. Leather, pronounced Stern (clean) and tonka. The mature, seductive night Fassung of L’Homme. justament freaking buy it. Sin Handelssperre noté un parecido en el Prada de un perfume que también tuve y vendí porque me pareció muy fuerte y poco usable en mi tierra prada amber pour homme debido al calor, me refiero a Midnight un Lutetia, tiene un parecido por el Iris, pero Prada es más suave, prada amber pour homme el otro es más rispido e invade la garganta.